Superannuation is more than just a vehicle to tax effectively grow and protect your wealth. With so many types of superannuation funds available, and with compulsory superannuation from employers growing, it is imperative that you have the right superannuation fund for your circumstances. We use research to determine which superannuation fund is most suitable for your circumstances, which investment managers to us, and how this should be adjusted over time to meet your long term goals.

  • What type of superannuation fund is right for me?
  • Is a Self Managed Super Fund appropriate for me?
  • How much should I be contributing?
  • How much should I be salary sacrificing?
  • Which investment options should I be using?
  • How can I boost my superannuation savings?
  • Can I build my spouses superannuation balance?
  • When can I access my superannuation and how?
  • Can I contribute to superannuation still?
  • What assets can I add to superannuation and how?
  • Can I make a downsizer super contribution?

Many of our Self Employed clients can effectively utilize a Self Managed Super Fund to grow and protect their wealth. Investing in a superannuation fund that provides an inadequate mix of asset classes and/or investment managers may have disastrous long term consequences to your retirement account balance. This is why using a “default fund” for a significant part of your salary that is contributed into superannuation may not be in your best interests. Using our detailed research we are able to establish an appropriate fund and portfolio for you, make adjustments to your portfolio over time, and on a regular ongoing basis provide advice regarding your superannuation so you stay on track to meeting your retirement goals.

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