Coming from a background in retirement planning modelling, this is an area in which we find we are increasingly receiving referrals from happy clients. Our retired clients enjoy a high level of income security afforded to them by the way we structure their portfolios and approach portfolio management – most clients are set up with a baseline level of income, with the balance invested to generate stable returns that keep pace with the cost of living. The remainder that is invested for long term growth is done so using a Model Portfolio technique based on the client’s needs and risk profile.

We have a range of Retirement Income Model portfolios for our clients which are reviewed regularly to ensure retirees are afforded an adequate level of security based on their risk profile and their income needs. At our initial meeting and advice presentation meeting, we will go over the Retirement Income Models together with our Service Packages and discuss which of these are most appropriate based on your circumstances and needs. Some clients will need regular contact and assistance with matters such as Centrelink, and so we would recommend using the Platinum or Gold Service package to ensure the right level of service is provided to meet your needs. Other clients will require a more passive service level, with annual phone reviews after the initial implementation, and only periodically will significantly change their strategy – these clients can utilise our Silver Service which has a lower level of contact and fees. This way, whether you have minimal assets or are an affluent Self Funded retiree, we will have a Service Package which will likely suit your needs.

  • Provide regular income
  • Optimise Centrelink benefits
  • Optimise Tax position
  • Optimise Aged Care position (eg reduce fees)
  • Meet wealth transfer objectives
  • Succession Planning (eg. sale of business)

We work alongside Estate Planning lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and other licensed professionals in their area of expertise to ensure your comprehensive plans are addressed. This could mean working alongside a lawyer or accountant to ensure tax is minimized on estate distributions, trusts are put in place where appropriate, or equity is released from a property where required, as examples. Every persons situation is different and we have seen many circumstances where clients were surprised how we could help. Give our office a call and let’s see if we can help you!

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