Starting Out

Many of our clients are seeking advice for the first time. They may be looking to buy their first home, access some income protection insurance, or consolidate their superannuation into a portfolio that will be professionally managed for them. Our Approved Product List is very wide, allowing us to utilize a range of insurance products, superannuation funds and investment vehicles to help you grow and protect your wealth. We will structure your plan so that it is affordable, effective, and most importantly, reliable, so that you can sleep at night knowing your insurance plan and investment portfolio is being actively managed and tracked so that you stay on target to realise your goals, whether they be education funding, retirement planning or purchasing your dream home.

Some of the issues that are particularly pertinent to those starting their financial journey are:

  • Putting in place adequate income protection cover
  • Putting in place regular savings and investment plans
  • Putting in place adequate lump sum insurance (Life, Disability and Trauma Cover)
  • Management of superannuation
  • Assisting with debt and cash flow management
  • Investment advice

Young clients have everything to gain and nothing to lose by putting in place insurance plans early, in most cases at the time that they first have a dependent or significant debt. Some may choose to put it in place earlier, and with good reason. With the assistance of one of our advisers, we can show you how putting in place cover whilst you are young and with a limited history of health events, can save you thousands of dollars in long term premiums compared to purchasing cover later in life when premium loadings or exclusions are more likely. We can help you fund this via an appropriate mix of structures (eg personal, superannuation, via a trust) so that cover is affordable, tax effective, and reliable so that in the event of a claim there are no nasty surprises.

We will take the time to fully explain how our process works, what to expect as a client, and how we can guide you through life and keep you on track to achieve your objectives, whatever they may be. With a background in retirement planning, our philosophy, which shapes our strategies, is to improve the certainty with which goals can be achieved. This requires a hands on approach to clients and regular reviews to ensure these plans remain on target, through life’s unexpected events and across different investment cycles. We are here for you!

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