Empty Nesters

Once of the biggest tail winds for clients trying to build wealth for retirement are children – once high school has finished and the mortgage is repaid, parents are generally in a much better financial position to start aggressively salary sacrificing or contributing to superannuation to tax effectively build wealth for retirement.   We are able to assist clients who are in this situation by maximizing their concessional contributions to superannuation, whilst minimizing the impact to their cash flow. Let us show you how!

Some of the issues that are particularly pertinent to those who are approaching retirement are:

  • Reviewing their income protection cover and modifying where necessary
  • Managing Debt in the lead up to retirement
  • Reviewing lump sum insurance needs and modifying where necessary
  • Contribution advice with regards to superannuation
  • Commencing a Transition to Retirement Account Based Pension
  • Redundancy Advice Planning
  • Succession Planning Advice

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