Preserving the real value of capital such that retirement funds outlive clients is the number one objective when it comes to retirement planning. To do this properly requires a detailed knowledge of a range of factors, including; the client’s income and lump sum needs, their health and family history, Centrelink rules, earning rates from investments, inflation, and expected inheritances to name a few. Unlike wealth accumulators, retirees do not have any time to recover losses from a portfolio. Their plan requires a focus on guarantees and income to ensure their funds outlive them. With a background in retirement planning, Andrew Melling is experienced in constructing portfolios using an appropriate mix of investments to maximize tax and Centrelink concessions whilst providing the client with long term income and capital security to meet their needs.

Some of the issues that are particularly pertinent to those in retirement include, where appropriate:

  • Commencing a Guaranteed Income Stream
  • Commencing an Account Based Pension
  • Structuring Affairs for Estate Planning in conjunction with a qualified lawyer
  • Structuring Affairs for Aged Care funding in conjunction with qualified professionals
  • Downsizer Super Contributions
  • Equity Release

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