Why Us?

We asked a number of our long term clients what was it that made them choose Next Generation Financial Planning to manage their financial planning needs. We expected most clients to say that it was the fact that we were technically at the cutting edge, that the innovative strategies we put in place to help them build and protect their wealth were sound, and that they felt reassured they were on track to realise their goals. But what we were told was much simpler than that; it came down to reliability, ethics, availability and trust. Clients felt reassured that their needs were being regularly addressed by an adviser whom they could trust and whose advice they could rely on.


At Next Generation Financial Planning we understand the importance of staying at the forefront of cutting edge technical strategies and products. Our detailed needs analysis takes into account your financial position, risk profile, any investment preferences you may have and your short, medium and long term goals. We understand that the optimal outcome for each client is different and is based on a combination of both emotional and financial factors. Using innovative investment strategies, we offer a range of strategy alternatives for your consideration.


Next Generation Financial Planning only utilizes financial planners who have achieved Certified Financial Planner TM accreditation from the Financial Planning Association. We believe that ensuring your adviser is accredited with this certification goes some way to ensuring the highest quality of advice is provided. Through regular investment briefings and monthly continuing professional development exams, our advisers stay abreast of changes which affect our clients’ investment portfolios, whether from a strategy, legislative, investment markets, or at the product level.


Since inception in 2008, we have always prided ourselves on the ability to offer clients choice. Most of our clients now come as referrals from existing clients. Periodically, however, we are asked by new clients to review an existing plan that they feel is inadequate; it may have been that their adviser was charging uncapped / unfair advice fees for infrequent service, or that they felt “pushed” into aligned products. At Next Generation Financial Planning, we don’t have sales targets, we have clients. We are able to meet you at a time and place that suits you, go over in detail a financial plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Plain English. You First.


We strive to be open, transparent, diligent, professional and above all, excellent value for money. For this reason, we have four tiers of service available to our clients from the most basic Bronze service package (designed for clients purely seeking Wealth Protection advice) through to Platinum Service packages for High Net Worth clients. Most of our clients choose Gold or Silver Service levels and this tends to meet the needs of a typical family. Each Service Package has different pricing tiers and service levels which we will discuss with you at our initial meeting. We can discuss this at your initial meeting with us which, if you are referred, will be at our cost. If you are not referred by a client, workplace or referral partner, there will be a $275 consultation fee for our initial meeting. View our Financial Services Guide.


A study conducted by Rice Warner actuaries in 2008 revealed that young families have the most value to gain in seeking financial advice, but unfortunately do not know it or cannot access it (due to working hours). In addition, financial planners have seldom targeted this market, instead preferring to target high net worth (typically) retirees. At Next Generation Financial Planning, we have tailored our working hours to our clients. This way, whether you are a 9 to 5 employee, a shift worker or a retiree you can generally find a convenient time which suits you to review your financial affairs at your home or workplace. We have a range of serviced offices around Melbourne, which are available outside of normal working hours should you not be able to make it to our office in Heidelberg. In limited circumstances, we can visit a home, Aged Care facility, or office should this be necessary, however a charge for this service may apply.