One of the most exciting areas of advice we are passionate about when talking to new clients is the array of investment types available to them. We are truly spoilt when it comes to investment choice, but with choice becomes an increasing need for awareness when it comes to portfolio construction. Clients need to be advised on what proportion of their investment mix should be held outside of superannuation, and then what proportion of this mix should be held in:

  • Managed Funds
  • Term Deposits
  • Insurance Bonds
  • Annuities
  • Individually Managed Accounts
  • Direct Shares *
  • Direct Property *

When it comes to investing outside of superannuation it is important that consideration be given to a number of factors; including what your income or growth needs are from the portfolio, what ownership structure suits your circumstances, your risk profile, investment preferences, and what time frame you are investing for.

* We specifically do not provide advice on direct shares or property, but may assist clients on holding these in the correct type of structures (eg via a Self Managed Super Fund) based on their individual circumstances and any relationship they may have with an accountant or broker.

Importantly, over time your needs will change. Your investments will need to be adjusted accordingly. What once was a portfolio designed for high growth over a 10 year time frame may now be needed for providing regular guaranteed income, and this is what our regular reviews are for ensuring you continually have an appropriate mix of asset types and investment options to suit your needs.

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